INFORMIX server line based on Intel and AMD processors

we offer solutions for all types of activities.: 

from the supply of modern and reliable computer technology to system integration. 

Individual treatment

The configuration of each of our servers is developed individually, for a specific customer and for his specific task. We take into account all the wishes of the client, and also give our recommendations based on many years of experience building server systems.

Selection of server configuration by parameters

Our experts have long been working with server hardware. We well know the capabilities, advantages and disadvantages of various solutions. We constantly monitor the market, monitor trends, innovations and technology development. Our employees are constantly improving their professional level and every day they solve many problems, gaining invaluable experience. These allows us to offer our customers the best - the most optimal server configurations.

Quality and reliability

Our servers are based only on proven equipment that meets the highest requirements for reliability and quality. We use the latest achievements in this field, carefully test the components so that you can be sure of the quality of the finished product. All components of the future server are selected taking into account their mutual compatibility.

Custom assembly

We connect all possible devices, connectors and interfaces provided by the functionality of a component in such a way that everything functions without delays or artificially low performance

In addition to the assembly, we pay attention to the initial setup and testing of the server. All products without exception go through this stage. Mandatory updating of all firmware, setting the optimal BIOS and EFI parameters, carrying out load tests - all this we do in order to be completely confident in our products!

Service maintenance

Any server hardware requires maintenance. We are not insured against breakdowns, however, we make every possible effort to reduce repair and service time, understanding the importance of the server for our customers.

Server price

Regular monitoring of the server systems market enables us to always offer our customers moderate, competitive prices. We do not strive for cheapness at the expense of quality and functionality. However, you do not have to overpay for the “brand” or excessive functionality.